Friday, July 26, 2019

Delivering Family Centred Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Delivering Family Centred Care - Essay Example The reason Iris was in a nursing home is not clear although her family say it was increasingly difficult to take care of her. Maybe they did not have the ability to do it. Nursing homes do not have the best reputation but they give care families may not. However, Iris was not very debilitated that is why she would take care of Sam. Additionally, her situation got worse while she had to be hospitalized and later joining the Roberts. Her health deterioration while at the home shows a bad reputation and maybe this calls for Care Quality Commission. The Care Quality Commission is a health inspecting body that works to make sure each person gets care that is safe, effective, high quality and compassionate (McLeroy et al 1988.p.360). For this to be, it inspects hospitals, GPs, care homes, dental and other general practices. Although this is a worthy cause, the commission additionally takes enforcement action, register services and collaborate with other organizations. For the case of Iris, who is now returning home, a decision has to be made. However, although this is important, both her family and the health experts should listen carefully to her ideas, if any and paraphrase them to be easily understandable to her (Iris). Let each of the other two parties (health care experts and Iris’ family) express their concern and engage constructively to get a common ground. Basically, this process is called optimal decision and might be reached for a patient at a fateful health crossroad (Burns et al 2004). Mostly, it involves the patient as well as a clinician, although family is invited. This is applicable in Iris’ case. Since it is the will of Iris to return home, both parties should share information: clinicians will offer options as well as describe their dangers and advantages, while Iris and her family express their values and

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